Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cute Kittens! (ARCHIVE)

August 16, 2016
I made a slideshow about cute kittens!
Google images

Useless website... (ARCHIVE)

August 13, 2016
I made this website... that is completely useless!

You can drag a little smile around.. that is it.. told ya it was useless!

or online:

I'm back online! (ARCHIVE)
August 8, 2016

I'm finally back online! Here is a cool picture I took with my camera:


Sunday, April 15, 2018

The New (and improved) Prism OS!

I have re-written the entire os in c#. The new os includes a calculator, text editor, and a madlibs creator. I plan to add much more, but I need to learn a little bit more c# first. I used GoCosmos to power the project. Visit it a Check it out here:

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Homemade Computer Case

So I had an old laptop - and turned into a desktop. But there's a catch: I built it in a cardboard box. Yes, it may sound like the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard, but it was fun to make. Mounting the motherboard to the cardboard box was the hardest part. I used an old copper wire instead of screws and tied it into holes in bottom of the cardboard box. Duct tape was one the things I used the most. I used it to hold the CD drive in, the power brick, and a whole lot more. It looks like a peice of trash, but it works. If you want something fun to do, try this.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Creating a Minecraft Server

When I was younger, I longed to make my own Minecraft server. The thing is, I wanted to do it for free. That's really just impossible. You see, servers need a dedicated expensive computer and electricity to run, and with great power, comes great electricity bill. Some websites allow you to create free servers, but there is always a catch. Some limit you to only 10 players, while others force watermarks advertising their service. There really is no way to create a good free Minecraft server. But, you could use old computer to run one though. There are many free software made for running a Minecraft server on your own computer. If you want a PE server, you're out of luck, since Realms is taking the place the PE software. So, java edition is the way to go. I'm using my old Asus laptop, with 4 gigs of ram, along with a 2.2ghz intel processor, which is fine for running a unpopular survival server. I am using Glowstone to run the server, along with 1 admin: me. The server website is I hope you find this post helpful.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

My New PC

I just got a new PC about 2 weeks ago, and I love it. It has 8 gigs of ram, and a i5 2400 processor clocking a 3.1ghz. It has a 500gb sata drive at 7200 rpm. It does everything I need it to do, like Chrome, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio. It runs Minecraft fine, which is one of my most favorite games. I just got BeamNG.Drive, only to figure out it runs really really slow... and I mean 4fps slow. I was only able to get it to run at maybe 15fps at the lowest settings, with the window screen at it's smallest state. So it turns out, The computer has no dedicated graphics card other than the cpu's integrated intel 2000 graphics, which most games, unlike Minecraft, heavily rely on. I also had some problems with Windows 10. Some registry got messed up, and I had to reset it. I learned my lesson, and I now back up my system every day. Other than that, Its a perfect system. My new graphics card will be comming soon. I think I only play light games, like Minecraft, and the exception of BeamNG.Drive. Hopefuly I can run it fullscreen now, with the settings at medium.